First Big News – Avid Changes Logo

April 20, 2009 lead

avidOk… not the most exciting thing, but the first “surprise.”

So what does it mean for a company to change there logo? Is a NEW Avid in the works? We’ll see…


  1. DAV says:

    Avid: please, change the logo back again, please, ithe new is horrible!

  2. David Tames says:

    When a company changes their logo before they actually reinventing themselves, it says to me they really don’t have a handle on the new vision. Vision has to come before branding, for to put forth new branding without a new vision creates a disconnect with customers. Avid needs to reinvent itself, and this new look is part of that, but where’s the new company? New logo before new company is putting the cart before the horse, not to mention a strain on shareholder value and resources that could be going towards a new vision. I’m an editor who learned to edit using an Avid Media Composer way back in the early days, but had to move to Final Cut Pro when Avid refused to make HD editing systems affordable “for the rest of us” and Apple was making it possible to do HD online with a system under $10K. I’m curious to see how they reinvent themselves. Still like many things about the Media Composer, but when you compare the cost of HD online with Avid vs. HD online with Final Cut Pro, at the time I made the switch, the difference was in tens of thousands of dollars. Today there is a trend towards parity. What does that mean for the future of the non-linear editing marketplace?

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