ENG Cage Designs New Camera Security in Vehicles

April 14, 2009 lead

cage-photoIt’s always good to hear about street-wise photographers developing tools to help make our job easier. Who better come up with the innovations, than the folks who use it.

That’s why I was impressed with the information I received from Gregg Hamilton, a shooter based in Houston, TX.


Two veteran broadcast photographers have designed a new security cage that protects video cameras from being stolen or damaged, reduces back strains and protects passengers from a potentially lethal flying camera in the case of a traffic accident.

The ENG Cage bolts securely in to any vehicle, resulting in zero movement of the cage or your camera. Your camera locks into place on the cage’s universal tripod plate which is securely attached to a convenient sliding drawer for easy access. The 100 lb.-capacity sliding drawer was designed to keep your camera at waist-level to minimize lower-back strain common to broadcast photographers.

cage-1The ENG Cage is made of welded steel protected by a black powder coat finish that resists rust and scratches. The long-lasting, durable coating is complimented by a multi-layer hook lock system that only is accessible with a key.

The cage measures 15″ by 18″ by 30″ providing a compact yet secure system to protect your valuable equipment.

The ENG Cage’s designers were motivated to find a better solution for video camera security after several colleagues became victims of camera theft. “I’ve known a number of photographers who have had equipment stolen from their vehicle,” said ENG Cage’s Gregg Hamilton. “I’ve also come close to being nailed by a flying camera during an accident so I was looking for a solution to protect both myself and my equipment. ENG Cage’s design meets my needs—it exceeds my needs. The reduced stress and strain on my back is practically a bonus.”

Hamilton said the cage, which weighs about 60 pounds, features handles at the top and transfers easily from one vehicle to another. “I truly believe ENG Cage is the best video camera security cage on the market,” he said.

For additional information, visit ENGcage.com.

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  1. Michael Orta says:

    I’m a photographer at Fox Sports Houston and is pleased to have the Engcage installed in both our vans. The product is awesome and it feels good not to worry about theft or the camera flying around all over the place. The cost and quality of the product is also very impressive, every station and freelancer NEEDS TO OWN an ENGCAGE.

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