Today is Assignment Editor Day

March 27, 2009 discussion, lead

From: Kim Fatica on Twitter (

newsroomKim Fatica has declared Friday to be Assignment Editor Day. Being one of the worst jobs in a news room, Fatica recommends you “give some love to your AE Friday!”

Rule #1: No complaining about getting the short straw on the house o’ cats with the lazy reporter.

Rule #2: Always smile and say “thank you”. If you’re po’d, they won’t know.

Rule #3: You don’t tell your AE that he/she is listed as “Ass Desk” on your cell phone.

Rule #4: Make sure you comm every time you change locations. Keep ’em in the loop.

Rule #5: If you make up a Bud Light commercial about them, don’t share it. Today, anyway.

Rule #6: If the desk calls while you are in the toilet, go ahead and answer if both hands are free.

Rule #7: Attend the morning meeting and participate. You might be surprised.

Rule #8: The AE tells you to camp out at the scene, even tho it’s quiet. Don’t give lip. Enjoy the silence.

Rule #9: When you are at McD’s, call in and offer to pickup for your desk.

Rule #10: Just remember that every day can be Assignment Editor Day. It might make your job easier.

# Don’t forget to be nice to your Assignment Editor today! It’s Assignment Editor Day! #AEDay


  1. kfatica says:

    Official Bud Light commercial for Assignment Editor Day

    I wanted to share this ditty, written by my former co-worker, Bill Alford at WOIO. He crafted this Bud Light commercial (clean) in honor of all those women and men who get the photog guff. Feel free to exchange the city name with your own. ~ kf

    Bud Light Presents: Real American Heroes. Here’s to you, Underappreciated News Assignment Editor.

    Whether it’s finding that big fire, corruption in public office, or Fluffy caught in a tree, you’re there to hear every detail. Trying to keep track of 15 stories at once, it’s all part of the job. You have your finger on the pulse of the community, without ever leaving your chair. Nobody finds out what’s REALLY going on in Cleveland better than you do.

    So, here’s to you, Underappreciated News Assignment Editor. It may be rough but at least you’re not getting shot at.

    Anheuser Busch
    St. Louis, Mo.

  2. Donovan Flynn says:

    This got a good laugh out of me…great way to start the day. This assignment editor thanks you! 🙂

  3. focusthis says:

    1: Shouldn’t this be THE most important position in the newsroom?

    B: Why is it an entry-level position?

    Thirdly: If our local police/fire dispatch had a Facebook page, we’d be all over breaking news.

    IV: I rely on the Ass Desk to know how much info they can handle, and trust they will call me when they need to.

    Lastly: Don’t TXT page / msg / voicemail me “call the desk”

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