The NEW Look of

November 11, 2008 lead

We’re proud to unveil the NEW look of

Having started in 1996, the site has grown a lot in the past 12 years. Unfortunately in the past 6 years, the design hasn’t grown much.

In a recent survey, a few respondents commented that the site looks very 1990’s. Considering that is when the original design was completed – they were absolutely right.

So we’ve changed the look and added some cool functionality. The most recent posts on FORUM now show up on the front page and well as the most recent clips added to TV.

We also hope to have more timely industry news and information to highlight on the front page. If you’re interested in being a contributor to, please contact me at:

Please pardon our dust. With any new design, there are bound to be some glitches. If you see any problems, please email me at

Hope you enjoy the new face of

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