New Fashion Starting Monday

November 19, 2008 lead

The time for new fashion gear is upon us.

Starting Monday, November 24, 2008, if you’re shooting near a “Federal-Aid” highway, you must wear a stylish green shiny vest.

Federal-aid doesn’t just mean federal highways, but any road that receives federal money. It is probably best to assume any substantial road is “federal-aid,” but then again, wear it around any road. Why miss the opportunity to show off your green!

There are many complicated regulations to this – you can read the entire statute here.

The FORUM is alive with discussion.

Broadcasting & Cable did a story back in January.

How is this affecting your newsroom? Are reporters complaining about having to wear the vest in their live shots?


  1. TeleCine says:

    My former shop adopted this in the Spring of 2008, based on statewide regulations placed into effect. Every news vehicle had two; and each photographer had one in their equipment bag at all times. At first, the oversized vests received plenty of flack; and even more so, little use; only if on primary interstate or local highways. I found that in the event of breaking news, there was never time to put it on; rather, only after one had been on the scene for awhile.

    Reporters never dawned these vests, unless directly told to by direct supervisors, which again, rarely if ever transpired. Typical issues were A) There was no time to put it on. B) They’re ugly [we’re talking both orange and yellow styles. and C). They’re oversize, don’t fit well, what’s the point of using these.

    Clearly in dangerous conditions, i.e. dense fog, accidents, roadway b-roll, it was wise to dawn the cautionary colors, be it reporter or photojournalist. The age old adage, better safe than sorry, can easily be applied here.

  2. DKVideo says:

    Wearing these vests is a matter of better safe than sorry. If, God forbid, you are injured shooting on a freeway and are wearing a vest, you can honestly say you have done everything in your power to be safe. I hate shooting on freeways, but sometimes there is no other option.

  3. […] attached to procuring video already, starting today we news shooters have to do so while dressed like a crossing guard. Okay, so it only applies when your alongside any ’federal-aid roads’ (whatever the hell they […]

  4. afimedia says:

    TeleCine, the word you are searching for is “donned”

  5. Phoggy says:

    The first time I actually put on my vest was in a heavy snow storm and I’m definitely glad I had it. When all a motorist can see is white, a bright green vest clearly stands out. The state troopers at the accident sites did not bother me, for once, and I was able to get all the footage I needed. I do think it’s a little irritating if you have to stop and grab the vest in a quick situation, but if I’m at the station and sent to shoot an accident I will put it on before I get in the car.

  6. Scott says:

    Just a note that this standard has been updated and the requirements of wearing a safety vest now applies to all highways and not just federal. Here is a link to the recent changes

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