Two Minneapolis Photogs Arrested

During a mass arrest of protesters outside of the RNC Convention on Thursday Night, two local photogs were cited for “unlawful assembly”

Tom Aviles, of WCCO videotaped his arrest until he had to put down his camera.

Jonathan Malat, of KARE also taped the protest and appeared live to talk about it.

Al Tompkins of Poynter Online has more on the arrests.
Poynter Interview with Malat and Aviles

Also, the stress of protesters blocking his path caused this unidentified WCCO shooter to lash out at the crowd. I don’t know the situation that led to this, but having covered a number of protests, I understand how frustrating it can be…

More discussion on all of these events can be found in the FORUM.


  1. Grantlin Banks says:

    Maybe he should have respected the protesters. The idea is to cover the protest, not become the protest.

  2. Mark b. says:

    I’ve been in a similar situation. Anti/pro war rally 2 years ago, I was getting shots of a vietnam vet. Calling me a liberal this and that, he smacked the lens on my camera. Every ounce of me wanted to lay my fist into his face, but I held back. Instead, I put the video on youtube and let public opinion have at it 🙂

  3. RODAN says:

    As a news photographer… I’m prepared to be confronted in these situations. I would NOT have set my camera down. I would have tried to talk with the officer into letting me move to another vantage point. But not put the camera down. FROM MY COLD DEAD HAND..AS CHUCK HESTON ONCE SAID… I have a job to do and it’s just as important as that officers.

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