Prepping for Gustav

August 31, 2008 Uncategorized

With Hurricane Gustav on the horizon, many shooters are getting in position to cover the storm. It’s been a few years since I covered a hurricane, and I can’t say that I miss them. One of my more illustrious storm was Hurricane Dennis almost 9 years to the day in 1999. The story of my Lost Truck has hopefully been a warning to us all.

Al Tompkins with the Poynter Institute has put together a number of resources for covering weather events like Gustav.

He’s interviewed Jane Boulin, a New Orleans TV veteran of Hurricane Katrina. Boulin as a lot of good Hurricane Coverage Advice from working at WDSU-TV.

Tompkins has also built a Storm Tools website with storm surge information and links to news contacts, and he’s made storm coverage the main topic of his “Morning Meeting.”

Rick Portier, has taken his Baton Rouge based Turdpolisher blog south to New Orleans. Follow his coverage on his blog, and his station’s WAFB blog.

Stewart Pittman, always a worthy scribe, has penned many great stories of storms past. His legendary wipeout during Hurricane Gordon was caught on camera.

Richard Adkins, a photographer at WRAL in North Carolina, is a weather-vet himself. A few years ago, he wrote an article for about what to pack for the long days ahead. They’re called “Jack Packs,” but I’ll let Richard explain.

Let us know how we at can help with information and links throughout the storm. Be safe out there – and let’s see your great footage on TV.

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  1. turdpolisher says:


    Were’re back from the beach, and up to our eyeballs in recovery coverage. Lots have asked what’s up.

    When the storm took out Baton Rouge, things got too darn busy to update the station’s webblog. We lost all of our microwave receive sites, and we’ve been reduced to tin-can-and-fishing-line live shots. The home office sent us a couple sat trucks from our sister stations to keep the reporters blowing in the wind.

    Gotta say thanks to everyone who read the sites and sent up a prayer for the crews on the coast.

    I just got internet at the turdpolisher ranch yesterday. Hope to start posting again tonight.

    Now, it you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to prep the truck for Hurricane Ike.

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