TV Tech “On the Airwaves”

Back in the fall, I put my learnin’ hat on – you know the pointy one with the word DUNCE spelled out – and went to a P2 Workflow Workshop put on by HD Expo. The moderators were 2 guys from LA named Steve Beres and Suny Behar. Even though “Suny and Steve” sounds like the name of an old 70’s variety show spin-off, the two guys make a great team. They combine vast knowledge of industry technology with humor and curiosity. It is a cool class.

Well, the guys are taking it to the “airwaves” with their latest venture, Tech Media Planet – a semi-regular podcast highlighting the latest in video gadgets. Imagine your favorite radio morning show “zoo” ripping on a Sony camera manual. Very specific audience, but it works.

So far the topics are more camera related with interviews on the RED and Phantom cameras, but I’m sure after NAB, the sky’s the limit with technology.

Definitely give these guys a listen.

Now can I take off this stupid hat now?

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