ITVA “First Thursday” in DC (on second Thursday)

first thursdayMarty Atias and ATS Communications of Silver Spring, MD, in association with the ITVA‘s Washington DC chapter & Interface Video, will present ITVA’s first “First Thursday” meeting (held on the 2nd Thursday this month, January 11) on Direct To Edit Recorders for video & audio.

For Video, we will focus on the work flow involved when using the Firestore Digital Video Recorder for P2 & JVC cameras. Jon
Robertson of Symco (Rep for Focus Enhancements, Firestore‘s manufacturer) and Ken Freed (from JVC) will demonstrate the work flow from shoot to edit. In addition, Ken will introduce and discuss JVC‘s new GY-HD-110U camera, and Jon will discuss Focus Enhancements‘ Proxys media server.

For Audio, Marty and Glen Sanders (Zaxcom‘s President & lead designer) will demonstrate & discuss Zaxcom Digital’s new TRX series of Recording Wireless products, which transmits digital audio from a microphone while recording a time code stamped digital audio file right inside the transmitter. Thus files from each mic, which are RF free, can be transferred and dropped into the video editing time line and also emailed for transcription. This new work flow has many inherent advantages, simplifying and improving the reliability of acquiring audio in the field, and increasing the editing options available in post. It also addresses the issue of disappearing radio spectrum available for wireless mics.

The meeting is open to all, and there will be a networking reception preceding the seminar with appetizers & drinks.

Date: January 11, 2007
Time: 6:30 reception, 7:30 seminar
Place: Interface Video, 1233 20 St NW, Washington DC 20036
Contact: Marty Atias 301-754-2871

ATS Communications
Interface Video

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