Today I....

Lost in Alaska

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sat around the station until 10:30, then drove an hour away to get two state soccer games, an hour back, and absoutly nothing since. Some days I love my job.


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Shot a vosot of a community center holding a summer programs informational...sat around and logged onto the web, waiting for breaking news


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Kurt, sounds like a fun day you had...They're
shooting stuff all over B-more.."The Wire", which
is on HBO shoots regularly on my block at this
bar.It was kind of neat at first, but now they're
a real pain in the ass because they take up all
the parking in the area..The joy of living in
Federal hill...


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Yesterday, I did nothing to be prod of or boast about. Does this count as a post towards me getting an icon by my name? If this is all it takes, forgetaboutit! :mad:

News Active

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..shot three packages about swedish foreign minister who was stabbed yesterday and died today, edited one package while driving back to the station (my reporter was driving..) and worked 16 hours today.
We had three additional newscasts plus the regular. *sigh*


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I arrived on the scene of a fatal car accident to find out the dead guy in the car shot his wife, drove up and down the sideroad looking for another car to drive into....he found the car turns out it is his nephew and his girlfriend. The wife was airlifted to hospital and is still hanging on, the nephew was trapped and extracated and is in hospital, the girlfriend had minor injuries and was treated and released.


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walked into work and had to walk across the street to shoot a chemical spill. It was nice to just walk out the front door of the building set the tripod up and roll. Didn't have to find parking like the rest of the guys in town.
I shot the Pizza Guy blowing up in August,and I havent been a good story since. I guess when you work in a small market the stories are far and few between.


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(Friday) I came in to work at 9:15. Went out with TWO reporters and shot for both of them. Got back to the station and edited a package and a vo/sot for each of them. Got "lunch" at 4PM. Went to a live shot set up by the chief and relieved him. After the 6, broke down the live truck and drove it 1hr to a HS football game. Shot about 10min, drove to the next game, shot until halftime, drove to a third game and shot until the end. All 3 games in the rain. Drove 45min to another school and set up the truck. Edited hilites from all three games, fed them back and set up a live coach interview for the sports segment. About this time the truck's generator started to die. Got through the i-view using only the camera light to reduce the load on the generator, broke down the truck and drove 45min back to the station. Off duty at 12:30am. Whew.


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Only worked 1/2 day since they had to turn off the power to the station to change transformers for next weeks new transmitter instatllation! Wish I could do that every day!