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With what you had available...it was ok.

Frankly the story suffered from poor planning. Who is to blame for that poor planning? Only you know.

The guy getting the award should have been interviewed before he got his award from the president. A simple afternoon to shoot an interview and some b-roll would have made this story sing instead of being a slap together "tarmac special".

Bring the previously shot interview along on the day of the presidential visit and then inter-cut it with the pres giving the kid the award.

This was not some surprise award was it? I can't imagine it was.

As I mentioned above, this story suffered from someone in your newsroom not thinking ahead. Instead they played it the lazy way. Shoot it all at the airport and then claim they did a story on the kid when the truth was they did the absolute least amount of effort possible.

This kid was a member of your community. Someone who was doing something special and good. Work important enough that he got a presidential award. But his efforts were cheapened by poor newsroom planning and the community didn't get the quality look at this guy he deserved.

Again...this probably was not your fault. You made chicken salad out of chicken shi.......


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I know I was more worried about Bush coming in because I was the main camera, the other one we had was on our anchor. I didn't know the story until it unfolded. The reporter and I did the best we could. I know the other station really didn't have much either. The two pkgs almost mirrored each other.

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I know WINK (ths old days at least) and planning a head was never their strength - for what you had - (and I have been in your shoes before) I think you did a decent job.

The viewer isn't missing a thing.
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Chicken salad indeed...

I'm sure that most of the SWFL viewers enjoyed seeing this kid get this award, as did I. But, there are too many fundamental flaws here to mention. You've done better in the past and I'm confident you will in the future... :)