Sony HDV S270 - anyone used it yet?

Sorry, I meant the HVR- S270.

It looks like a great camera for news - I especially like the record to compact flash functions and shoulder-mount design.

Wonder if the pics and usability are any good.
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Well, there's a kind of difficult to follow review translated from German. It's odd, but there really aren't very many reviews of the S270 or Z7 out there just yet. I think everyone got tired out from fawning over the EX-1 or something!

From everything I've been able to read, it looks like the biggest limitation these cameras have is working within the constraints of the HDV format. So, as long as you don't shoot material that will stress the codec too much, you're bound to capture some great images.


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Its okay for the money. Viewfinder is very dull though, and body obviously isn't as robust as more expensive shoulder mounts (obvious statement of the year!)