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  • Hi Aussie Shooter,
    I'm a news cameraman in Wellington, New Zealand for TVNZ. Our police force is about to go to an encrypted radio system. I've noticed that you have posted on this topic in the past in regards to the change-over in Sydney. The cops here are trying to offer us something similar to your PEATS system. I was wondering if you could outline how it has worked for you. Have you found any ways to work around the limitations of the system? I'm resigned to not having up-to-date info on newsworthy crime, but did we will have some info coming in still because ambo and fire are not switching over soon. I'm thinking about creating networks of watchers amongst taxi drivers, couriers, and tow truck drivers, and offering them a small finders fee for anything that makes it on air.

    MAny thanks for any info you can provide.


    (Phillip Melville, One News, Wellington NZ)
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