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    The three presenters are given little or no direction so they are quite literally winging it / out of control .

    Not sure what will happen but I can expect the UK end to pull the pin if this band of f-wits dont get it together soon.

    I am actually glad I am not working on the show.


    Bit of gossip from this end of the planet... Don't forward to anyone just keep this to yourself.

    Top gear Australia is rapidly losing friends across the board.
    The auto industry here about half so far is barely on speaking terms if at all, an owner of a brand new Lamborgini was reduced to tears when he got his car back as the wankers thrashed his car up a dirt road after using it on a closed piece of tarmac. $75 k for the respray apparently.

    The director has appointed his mates as producers so incompetence and ineptitude abounds the crews are copping **** as they have no idea and want the most brainless requests met to which the crew now just say no they have quite literally switched off to certain field producers and are doing enough to make the show work.
    Crew moral is at an all time low.
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