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A lot of the package had exposure problems... which is tough to combat in the bright light/shade conditions you were shooting in.

The first interview is too much profile for me.

I liked how you used yor NATs and sequencing and it was clear you and the reporter worked together.

Considering a 20 minute edit job, you got a lot into the pkg.

Overall 6.5 out of 10 with 5 being average.


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I despise the use of the shutter. There's no reason for it, and it's distracting. It's a gimmick. The piece didn't need gimmicks.

I think you could have reacted more quickly to the change in exposure on your standup. Your change in iris lagged way behind. If that had been a spontaneous pan in b-roll, I might have ignored it. But this was a standup, which you set up and which I would assume you had an opportunity to practice to get a detail like that right.

Otherwise, a really good piece. You used the nats very effectively. Your editing was fast-paced, but not to the point of gimmickry. I thought the video matched well to the track and interviews, especially that shot of the guy on the scooter pulling a trailer under the interview talking about people being "forced to get more creative."

Also, I'm glad to see someone not afraid to put away the tripod and use his shoulder. You had some decent handheld work in there that wasn't shaky or jittery like the tripod zealots always scream. Most of them probably wouldn't even notice it wasn't on the tripod if it weren't pointed out to them.

It was a MUCH better gas story than the other one I've seen recently on here.


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Liked the nats. Thought the sequence of gas station cuts were too quick at times (not the handles, but the generic station shots).

The exposure on the standup was a little off. But for 20 minutes, solid job. Would of liked to hear about ideas for gas price solutions the landscapers had in mind. Were they going to raise rates? Use push mowers? Or just suck it up and pay at the pump?


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Not bad for 20min edit. I liked the natural wipes to transition from yard to pumps. Good Job. Nothing wrong with using a shutter but the iris compensation during the standup was a bit slow. I give it 6.75 maybe a 7 for short turn around.

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I saw the open sequence as a missed opportunity. You never established, you never let the action move without the camera and you didn't have good closups. When you have a predictable activity like this you need to work it. Anticipate, get the sequences, change the angles, get some locked-down shots.

It got better once you got to the pumps. We're all shooting these stories often now, and making the gas pump shots different is getting hard. Your shots maybe weren't that unusual, but the editing gave it some life.


Yeah I hated the stand up. I figured that would be a huge problem. It was difficult cause the reporter wanted to do it with guy weedeating and then to him. We did it twice before, but he flubbed on them. The guy weedeating was on his last part to weedeat when he got it right so I was kinda stuck. I would have reshot it, but we just got called to bring back our live truck because they needed it. Thanks for all the negative and positive. Hopefully it will help me get better.


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You have a good eye for B-Roll composition, but as they have all indicated above the Interview framing was WAY off point. You might try putting yourself over the shoulder of the reporter it makes for a much better shot and keeps the eye line just on the frame line with the viewer without looking weird. In Back Light situations you might consider orienting the shot to put the reporter against a darker back ground with less sky. The Knee and DCC just has no chance, As for Shutter usage you might look at using a little more ND for exposure control it also makes the chroma really pop.

Good work on the Edit I liked the pace and use of your NAT's as well as your handheld and semi dutch angles. Will give you a 7 out of 10 for effort and very nice B-Roll.

God I must be getting old here your reporter looked like he was playing hooky from High School.


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I liked the pacing of the story. The nats and cuts really kept things moving. All that editing lends me to believe that your 20 minute estimate was somewhat of an understatement. At least I couldn't cut something like that nearly that quick!

I could see your first byte being covered with vo about halfway through. For example, as he's saying "gas was going up as I was pumping it" I envisioned a slow pan up to a gas station or you could have used the pan up to the price at the pump shot that you had later in the pack.

The shutter speed didn't throw me off.

Haha, now I have your pin number!


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I thought it was a good effort. I don't mind shutter, but it was a bit overexposed in places. It moved quickly, but the stand up was wrong, for many reasons, so I'm guessing you had to shoot one?

Nice job, though...