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Hi Everyone,

My boss is looking at a Panasonic AJ 800.

Seems like a nice little camera, lighter than the Panny 3100 I'm using now.

Not sure if I like how the Viewfinder is set up, but from what I can tell you cannot get a hi-res b/w fiewfinder with it.
The viewfinder flips up to expose a small LCD to look at clips on. I think I would prefer the flip out monitor from the camera body, like on the 3100.

The boss is all excited about the streaming and wifi features.

Anybody use this camera or know of some one who has??

I asked about moving up to super 35mm or 4k and was told to check out the 800.

Thanks as always.

Joey Hess

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A quick look...

Seems like just a upgrade. It only streams proxy files. I may be wrong, but for the 3100, it can use wi-fi with an update. Didn't look see what the wi-fi does. Or if it was offered?

As for Super35 sensor, finding a good long zoom is not cheap. For you sport shooting, an ENG camera might be better.

Seems he has extra money to spend on the department. If the current camera is in good conditions, and you do plenty of sit down interviews where the Super35 will shine, I would try to talk you boss into one.

Why are you replacing the current camera?


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Another unit in our group is slated to get a new camera. The thinking is we get a new cam and send them one of our 3100's that are in really good shape.

He's pretty against the 35mm because we shoot more action than we do interviews, but we shoot more of as well.

Thanks for the help, I think his mind is pretty well made up, but I may be able to sway him with a demo.

Thanks again.



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Action/Sports… You will HATE a s35 sensor camera. Native s35 long lenses are $$$ and not as versatile as a long ENG lens, and focus is a mother… If you're doing mostly sit-downs and feature type shooting, s35 is fine(and fun), but from what I've gathered from your previous posts, stick with an ENG camera.


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Ah yes, my mistake. I Googled the camera and somehow found the wrong one without noticing (sloppy). Sorry.


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Thanks for the input everyone.

I've let go of the S35 and convinced them to at least demo the 800 before we buy it.

Thanks again for all of the input.