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  • Hi,

    Sorry, I never did a training video or book for the PMW-500. However, because is shares the same sensors and basic video processing technology as the F800/700 I'm pretty sure my scene file recommendations and other operational suggestions would work just fine. The 500 is missing a lot of the advanced features of the other cameras, but the core functionality is very simiar.

    Unfortunately the printed version of my F800/700 field guide sold out a few months ago and there are no plans to spend the money for a reprint. Instead I created an interactive Apple iBook that is even better than the printed book, but it only runs on an iPad or iPad mini. If you have an iPad, I'm sure the book would be a worthwhile investment. Thanks for asking.

    Hi Douglas , do you have any instruction manuals for sale on the Sony PMW 500 , if not any tips and tricks on how to make it look good ?

    Hi Doug ! Do you know anything about this new Sony camera that's due out soon . . . . Should I get this or should I go with the Sony EX 3

    Sony NEX-FS100UK Super 35mm Sensor Camcorder

    Hi Mike,

    I've never seen the JVC so I can't say anything about it. However, I'd never go back to shooting anything with 1/3" sensors.
    Hi Doug,

    I have asked for your advice before, and I value your opinion. My boss went to NAB, and is fired up over the new JVC GY-HM790 system. Especially the price. I was wondering if you had any insights on recommending the new Sony 320 over the JVC?

    Advantages disadvantages, etc. I DO NOT want to shoot news on a JVC 1/3" camera.


    Mike Vandersnick
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