Its been awhile since I've posted


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I thought this story was pretty radical.

The shots were pretty jerky.

The framing was a little off.

The story started slow....

The end product was really good!


Just tighten up the "loose" a little bit!

Latin Lens

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Okay....opening was way too radical for my blood...I know you're going for the fast pace...look at all this with quick shots but does your edit system allow for trikple or quad boxes? It would be more effective than with 10 frame shots back to back to can change the shots in the boxes and it keeps it more organized.

Your gfxs were well either need to add a dark box to help them stand out against the video or lose the sepia tone and go B&W to help.

Unless its the look of your station...use your tripod and hold your shots steady...personally with dollar amounts over video its better with a still shot or a long shot.

Fast edits are useful but time it to the reporter track so it flows better.

Keep it up, man.


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you know what. thats a good idea with the quad box i didn't think of that. I actually had it alot faster paced then that and my nd had me slow it down because its more of an older population down here. the fast pace shots and edits aren't something we do alot here at wink but that was an investagation pkg for our call for action. Thanks for the ideas guys.

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Jason - sorry but I HATED it. You are better than that...

1 - The open way too fast the paceing was wrong

2 - Music not needed and took away from the story

3 - What was the deal with the black and white shot of the guy?

4 - Why was there a shot of youre news car?

It looked like a students work and I know your work and you are better than that.

Sorry to be so harsh.


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Its understandable. Not everyone is going to like something like that but thanks for your input. I appreciate all the critique.
What was the deal with the black and white shot of the guy?
to make it intersting

Why was there a shot of youre news car?
to show we were investagating.

Hank Scorpio

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Well I liked it.

The style you are going for is a tricky one that takes lots of practice to get good at.

The snapiness and rhythm will evolve as you do trial and error of different elements. For a first time attempt at this style, I'd say you're off to a great start.

Some people are set in their ways and won't like it and alot of what's in this story goes against everything we have been taught as news photogs.

Way to shake things up and get out of the standard wide, medium, tight, formula for a change.

And I have first hand knowledge of how much of a dump Cape Coral is, so that helped me in understanding your story.

Nice job.

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Question about your news car... said "Why was there a shot of youre news car? to show we were investagating".

We know you are investagating... yuor reporter is the Call for Action girl - placing your car in the story was just distracting.

I am being harsh because I like what you do (most of the time).. so please don't take this the wrong way -


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"I am being harsh because I like what you do (most of the time).. so please don't take this the wrong way "
Thanks, i like knowing that you like what i do :). but with that being said you shouldn't worry about being harsh thats why people put themselves on here so that people of all tastes can get better at doing what they do. i might not like something you put up here vice versa. but its a place to learn and sometimes harsh or hard critiques get people so fired up that there whole week is just nothing but good stuff produced that the ND and all the co workers like. So Step Don't worry I still like you


Sorry man...didn't like this at all. The music was really annoying and I'll never understand the E:60 style. If most of your viewers are older, someone probably had a seizure watching this. I like some of your other stuff I've seen here, but not this one.
my take

I know what style you are trying to use here... I use it for Most Wanted reinactments all the time.

First and foremost... too many snap zooms. Just like any effect, too much of something can make the story distracting and annoy the viewer. If you are going to use them try to make them enhance or move the story along.

I would stay away from black and white... and also if you want to zoom during a bite use a quick (nat.pop/natural.wipe) or white flash so it doesn't look like a jump cut.

I love the way you guys used the graphics very good on that for sure.

And finally, check your pacing. The edits should flow with the narration and music if you have it. Your edits, at times, were off sync with everything else.

Those are just some of my thoughts take them for what they are worth.