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So....I'm putting up one of mine on here. Why? Because I really liked this one. A good script and some artistic freedom lead to this. I try and incorporate a lot of what I preach into my investigations when I can and this one lended itself to do that. Please let me know your thoughts.


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Ah so the tables are turned my friend haha! In all honesty I thought it was VERY well done. Excellent pacing. You obviously had time and used it well. Good nats and the music fit the piece and helped it "move along' for lack of a better term. I felt like I was watching something like Dateline or 20/20 not local news. Excellent work!

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Okay Latin Lens, I watched your piece. Sorry that I took so long to watch it.

Overall, I liked it. Plenty of varies shots and angles. It flowed pretty well.

I will be nick picky since I saw some stuff I didn't like.

I didn't like the eye level when you interviewed the lady, I want to be eye to eye, not below eye level. I felt that I was forced to listen to her. As for the Police Officer, too much of an ear shot. I saw more ear that face..

I didn't mind the reporter's first stand up, but I didn't care for the second one. It might have been the wide shot, I would have liked to seen a tighter shot since the first stand up was wide, or it might have been I wanted to see a different location. Actually a court room or the DUI site as a back drop would have been good.

I would have liked to heard the Officers give instructions when giving the DUI tests.

As for the graphics, they need to be a bit better. I think that threw off the pacing. Also, the dark edge around file video was overused.

I know that you will hate for saying this, I thought it ran a bit long. I can't put my finger on it, maybe it was the graphics that threw me off.

I won't mention the light in back when you do the door shot...Oops

I know that you are a tight schedule, and do more than just one stony at a time. A very good job by you and your reporter.

4 Stars


loved this they said the pacing was on point. I really liked your natural transitions with the light. The music was station wont let us use bothers me, but what is a guy to do? Good stuff man.
Am I too late? Only four months or so...

A lot of your stuff was spot-on. The part at the checkpoint was awesome, as was the use of effects, and especially the candle, and blowing it out at the end.

Honestly, I feel like the problem here was the reporter. I was intrigued at the beginning, where there was a clear problem stated, and we met someone very compelling. After that, it just meandered around. Is the problem the backlog? Is it the inability to test? Is it the law? I was left kind of confused, though admittedly, I may have just not paid as much attention as a I should have. Which, I suppose, is a problem in itself.

I also want to add that the reactions of the woman mean very little when we don't know who she is, or anything about the guy who died. Who is she? Who was he? With some context--showing what she does, where she lives, where she works, details like that--we're able to better empathize with her. I feel like the knee jerk reaction of a lot of reporters is to think "Ooh, crying," or "Ooh, emotional soundbite," and throw that in right off the top. When really, those moments can have far greater impact when they come in *after* we know who someone is.

But as for your end of the story, excellent work.


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I dig it.

I don't edit much anymore, but you & I are nearly identical in edit style.

Maybe work a little more on creative standups? Use that opportunity to demonstrate something cool.

I watched a couple of your investigations, and they were creatively impressive.

Keep up the great work!