How to shoot a face time interview


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Remember its a camera so the rules to shooting a good interview apply. Lighting, framing, eye-line, location and background all matter.


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Do you mean capturing the received video? I believe some people are able to mirror the display to an Apple TV and record the HDMI output or if you use a Mac you can probably full screen it and also output to HDMI then record that.

Wheatstone Bridge

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This is a " breaking news situation " where the person just want to do a face time SOT "right now " . . . but the more I look at it next time I'll just shoot it "as is ' and then put it on a blue background.

Necktie Boy

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The few I have seen aren't very good. Not much you can. Some type of rig that can hold your phone a light. Maybe use a lav that plugs into the phone for better sound? I have seen some crazy rigs for iPads. Maybe too much stuff to rig the phone?