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Hello everyone, I'm Kevin Johnson - founder of, The Television Photography website - and I've just created a GoFundMe page for our website.

What is ?

When I started it back in 1996 - it was designed to be the online community for TV news shooters. A site to login to between assignments and see the latest, industry news, tips & tricks, job listings and discussions... The site grew to be an important educational resource for thousands of shooters around the world. We even had our own AWARDS to honor the best of new photography.

The site is a bit of a ghost town these days. Shared discussions have moved on to other social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I take full credit for not doing my job in keeping the site up to date.

The problem is the software we're using to keep the site running is getting a bit old. The programing is buggy and it’s allowing hackers to mess with the code - basically breaking the site.

We're basically left with two choices - UPGRADE OR SHUT DOWN.

To upgrade and host and make it a solid site again takes money - and we don't have advertisers anymore.

At the same time, I don't want to shut it down and lose the resources that have been built up over the years.

We need your help. Donate a little or a lot and help us keep "ON THE AIR." The future updates will allow for better discussions, easier navigation, more shared media and increased integration with social media communities that you're already part of...¦

What do you say? Wanna help us?

If you can donate, that’s awesome! If you can’t, please share this GoFundMe with a photog who has been influenced by over the years.
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Done and done. This has been a great site and resource for me, and it deserves to be kept "on-air".