Eye problems from viewfinders?


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I hope this is an okay subject, but I think it's important enough.
I understand several photographers in the west coast have eye problems, (flash burn and fluid in their right eye) and they use panasonic aj-cvf50g viewfinders. The view finders are getting sunspots. (see photo)
Is any one else having these problems either in your viewfinder or your eye? Any one have ideas how to research this?
Thanks. Ellen Hansen koin tv


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By sunspots on the viewfinder, I assume you mean that the operators have been careless enough to let the sun enter the diopter and burn the LCD? That's a pretty common problem with all EVFs when people aren't careful about keeping the sun out of the viewfinder. But how could that possibly lead to vision problems for the operator? I don't see how one thing could be connected to the other?


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Okay, after looking at the pics and thinking about the way I see a lot of local tv photogs shoot, it may be an “operator error” problem. I see lots of ”locals“ that do not have the eye cups on their VF’s, thus there is no seal to keep light out while they are shooting with their eye up to or close to the VF while operating. If the Sun or other powerful light source is coming in at the right angle it could both damage the VF and reflect back and be damaging their eyes. That’s my theory, anyway. Otherwise I’ve never heard of anyone having their eyes damaged in that fashion from a VF in the well over 20 years I’ve been shooting.