Every House has a Kitchen Table


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I just wanna throw an idea out there- Nearly every house has a kitchen table.

When you go into someone's home, lights or not, please think about creating your own seating arrangement for the interview. I understand that the couch on the wall is their 'comfy' spot. But, please take two minutes to think about what might look better. Two dinner chairs in the living room, with something ots, and depth, is probably gonna look better than that ol' couch on the wall.

Just something to think about :rolleyes:



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I agree...it took me a very short time to realize this a decade ago...I'll always come up with an excuse if it is even at all possible to get them off the wall and off the couch.

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I totally agree with this...however its been a rather weird run for the last few months where some of our main interview subjects have had some interesting furniture layouts. I say interesting because its either very gaudy...or non existent...from one extreme to the other. Its a challenge to try and achieve something in either circumstance but I usually try really hard to keep them away from the or any couch.


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Same thing goes for the office interview. Instead of sitting the subject behind their desk in a high backed big chair, i set up a small chair in front of the desk to get the desk, fancy chair and wall usually filled with pictures or displayed items in the background. Makes a big difference.


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I sit at kitchen tables all the time. If the kitchen is dirty I grab the kitchen chairs and put them in the middle of the living room then light them up. I usually have enough space for a key light, a back light and a fill or background light/slash on a back wall. Takes me about 5 minutes to set up 3 lights. I don't understand the photogs that put people on couches in front of white walls and use a top light!! They should be fired for that or just taken out back and beaten!! LOL


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My first question to the interview subject (office or home) is; "Where would you feel most comfortable talking with us. Comfortable and relaxed equals better conversations. From there, I can decide how to stage the seating.