Drone Music Video


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So being able to fly a drone seems to be coming more and more important as a skill. I find while I'm not always the best around at actually flying the drone, as a cameraman I am better at getting the shots needed.
Some drone operators come back with many minuets of footage but not the one shot I can use.
Recently I was able to get some good practice shooting a music video that was all DJI mavic drone and DJI Osmo


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Great clip. I actually dig the song.

I was blown away by your syncing of the drone flying to the music. It's subtle - but I imagine it's not easy to reproduce flight patterns with time precision.

My only critique is one of continuity... Spiderman vanishes in the final shot... :)

Well done, CG...


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Yeah it turned out the "rehearsal" without generic non-copyright spider hero was the best fly a way for the end animation. :)