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I still stop by almost daily, but unfortunately it’s dead here. Most of us largely “TV” people are dinosaurs and everyone that can hold a camera now, thinks they’re a “filmmaker” and frequent the sites that cater largely to that end of the spectrum. But even those message boards are not what they once were, and even with their huge member base and visitor numbers, sometimes it can be the better part of a day or more with no new posts.

I had heard several years ago that a lot of this type of activity was moving to Facebook groups, but from what I’ve gathered on some of the other forums, a lot of those FB groups are very jingoistic and full of fanboys of particular manufacturers(especially cameras) and any perceived slight against the equipment results in people being kicked-out/banned from those respective groups. They seem to kind of a parallel/mirror society today: continued and increasing division, tribalism and extremism.

Ben Longden

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Still here.
Drop by occasionally.
Totally agree with Run& Gun... anyone who touches a camera is an instant expert..
Covid has knocked most of my business for six..


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what is all this chatter? what is this website about? how do I become a photog?

Miss you guys... how is everyone doing?


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I had some issues with logging in, thanks for sorting that Kevin, so I stopped for a while. But I miss the old days on here too :)


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Hey, nice that I can log in still! I learned much on this forum in the late 90s/early 2000’s as I was starting out, it was a great resource. Cool to see some of the guys still here checking in. Since most stations use producers and reporters who shoot their own stuff now, and the emphasis is on content vs production value I suppose it’s natural that there isn’t a pool of new photogs keeping these boards alive and giving the veterans here an opportunity to give back by sharing the knowledge and experience to help them. It’s a shame but I’ll forever be grateful for the camaraderie and knowledge that the forums here provided. Thanks again for creating this platform Kev, hope everyone is still enjoying the work and keeping busy.