Anyone shooting ENG News with prime lenses?


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Now days I'm mostly shooting production. I've got a Blackmagic URSA Mini with a PL mount and a set of vintage Russian primes. When I got a news gig I'd swap the mount for a B4 and run a Zoom lens. But then swapping mounts a screw snapped and that was stressful. I was able to get it out with a special tool but now I'm less keen on swapping mounts and have just been shooting news on fixed lenses. The URSA has built in window cropping so I can rock a wider lens and punch in tighter if I want. 2 lens sizes with one lens.
The main advantage is the interviews look great and the b-roll is even better. The downside is stressing that you might have the wrong lens when something unexpected happens. (I do have a PL mount zoom but it's just not as nice as the primes so I hardly use it)

Just wondered if anyone else was walking this line :)


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I've just started playing with the mirrorless Sony world. And I love the look of the lenses.

Obviously it depends on what you're shooting - but I did find myself feeling much more comfortable moving back to my big shoulder ENG cam - with it's hugely expansive zoom lens...

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It seems like I recall a similar question/thread coming up on here many years ago(feels like easily 10-15+). I guess it depends on the type of “news”, whether you can successfully pull it off. Interviews, general b-roll and the like, yes. Spot/breaking news, you’re best served with a zoom.

Despite owning a C300, F55, Amira and a lot of really nice glass for them(Canon 17-120, 25-250, full set of primes), I still like actually operating my P2 VariCam and Fuji 13x4.5 (and 22x7.8) the most. It just gets out of your way and let’s you work. Yes, it’s over a decade old and “only” 720p without the super shallow DoF that everyone loves, but it still produces a beautiful picture.