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    Anthony Hopkins lost my phone

    He may be an Oscer winning actor but in 1998 we were interviewing Sir Anthony (along with a lot of other media) on top of a Welsh mountain he had bought and donated to the National Trust, after the interview (using my phone as a mix-minus link to the studio) he asked if he could make a call as...
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    I had some issues with logging in, thanks for sorting that Kevin, so I stopped for a while. But I miss the old days on here too :)
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    Covid-19 work advice

    - During a trip to the Chinese frontline - to interview a suspected coronavirus case at a hospital, we obviously didn’t want to talk face to face. That was completely off limits. We filmed a facetime call with the patient but from stood outside the hospital they were in. Facetime interviews can...
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    Covid-19 work advice

    Edward Lawrence‎ posted some great advice for those of us still working out there CORONAVIRUS – my personal advice for shoot/ edits and video journalists. Hello everyone, I'm one of the BBC's China camera journalists and I've been covering the coronavirus story on the ground here since Jan -...
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    Vlogging and disaster tourists

    I'm just back from Australia volunteering for HUHA (helping you help animals) an NZ charity establishing triage centers and building shelters for injured wildlife. Normally I'm on the other side of the lens so it was interesting to me observing the coverage. A strange aspect was the buzzing...
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    Cameraman wrongly accused of being a ‘pervert’ for filming Christmas Lights

    From Darrell Browns Facebook page Ok I promise you ...I'm not making this up..this was my night quickly your life can suddenly spiral out of control.... I was filming the Christmas lights this evening for a client of mine and the City of Perth.....I'm shooting various wide...
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    How have you changed while FORUM has been on hiatus?

    I'd still shoot at a decent format in the camera but drop the files into DaVinci Resolve on a laptop and deliver in h.265... or h.264 if they are really prehistoric.
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    Music video

    I shot and cut a music video that was a bit of fun. I learned a lot about using Fusion in Davinci Resolve doing this. It is amazing what can be done in it.
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    P2 Users?

    When we first started with P2 the Mac and Avid server (2003ish) it would ingest the whole card as if it was a drive so once you ran out of drive letters it stopped, then it turns out it was ingesting the free space on the card as data so we quickly ran out of storage... then there was a Mac...
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    P2 Users?

    Be fair to say I'm not a fan of P2 or the fussy P2 micro cards. I wouldn't ingest from the camera but get a card reader. They are stupidly over priced but will save you grief... unless you use a Mac... or Avid... or look at them funny...
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    Super Fast SEQUENCING...

    Nothing says you've run out ideas like gratuitous use of slowmo.
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    A Whole VJ Category? Really?

    Just think of this as the topic equivalent of us stranding up on the subway to offer you a seat ;)
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    How have you changed while FORUM has been on hiatus?

    As well as still freelancing I've got a full-time gig with a small production house. What I find interesting is all those skills I learnt to make me better at ENG news coverage are the same skills in demand in production now days. Fast setups quick sequences and edit friendly shooting that...
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    Resolve new Cut function

    Davinci Resolve 16 comes with a new "cut" feature that they say will mean faster editing for news and doco editors. Amazing software that is free. I've got the paid version that came with my BM URSA Mini. I use it a lot at home but is anyone using it for a news company...