Move Over iPhone Now Barbie Shoots Video

From: Mashable

So they’ve placed a video camera in Barbie’s necklace pendent and an LCD screen in her back. Now she’s “Video Girl!”

If you you felt goofy walking around with a Flip Camera… try a pink laden barbie doll.

Ok, I laughed out loud when I saw this, but all of a sudden it made sense for two applications – and ONLY TWO.

1) Convince your young daughter that video production is a cool career. )There’s even a simple edit software to teach proper sequencing)

2) Undercover camera – send a child in with her Barbie to get great undercover video.

“Barbie Video Girl — who doubles as a video camera with LCD screen and comes with video editing software — is actually a product of a collaboration with YouTube star iJustine, hence the resemblance.”

Enjoy… just beware of where you plug in the USB cable.

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One Response to “Move Over iPhone Now Barbie Shoots Video”

  1. How soon till we see someone do a live shot with a barbie Cam?

    Where is the G.I. Joe version with the Kung Fu grip for us guys?