b-roll GIRLS

Back in the early 2000’s (what do we call the decade?), b-roll.net was known for a famous group of gorgeous women – collectively dubbed the b-roll GIRLS.

Kimberlea, Kathy, Trista and Shelly were all hardworking television professionals whose work in the business was as beautiful as they are. Some of the “GIRLS” have moved on to other careers, but at least half of them are still lifting a camera on a daily basis.

The regularly appearing photos were retired back in 2004, but a mention on the b-roll.net FORUM made me think to bring back the archives.

So here’s to the b-roll GIRLS!

2 thoughts on “b-roll GIRLS”

  1. It should be obvious from the topic and the way you started the article. The 00s are called the naugh(nought)ties.

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