Listen to Scanners on your iPhone or Windows Mobile

wunderYour job has already forced you to carry a phone on your hip at all times, so why not make it more useful.

In the FORUM, Shootblue has posted a recommendation for the WunderRadio app available for both the Apple iPhone and Windows Mobile platforms (Blackberry coming soon).

I downloaded the WunderRadio app…which is pricey, but worth the investment. One of the benefits I found was the connection with Scan America…Several of our local counties police/fire/ems are covered and are listenable on the feed over the phone…I used it today and it worked great.

Check out the list of scanner frequencies in your state.

It’s listed at $14.95 USD for Windows Mobile, and $6.99 USD for the iPhone app.

Wunder Radio

SeattleShooter recommends Emergency Radio by EdgeRift with over 1,000 frequencies it’s not a bad iPhone app at only $.99.

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