The Richard W. Adkins Collection

In the midst of asking for writers, I dug into the archives. I found many classics that haven’t seen the light of day in a while. They may be a little dusty, but they’re still worth something.

Richard W. Adkins
Richard W. Adkins

Before there was such a thing as a “blog,” a chief photographer from WRAL-TV was the first to start a collection of work on

In 1999, I started posting Richard W. Adkins’ stories in a section dubbed, “Tree’s House.” (Tree is a nickname for Richard that he’ll have to explain.) The recounting of his adventures on the coastline of North Carolina and around the world are both entertaining and educational.

For example…

As one of the first stations in the U.S. to go HD, WRAL was the proving ground. Richard and his team of shooters figured it out as they went along. Developing new workflows while retaining the basics of good photography. There is always a little bit of a teacher in all of Richard’s work.

Check out his collection – brought back from, (as Adkins put it himself) the “Commodore 64 version” of

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