b-roll.net in NPPA’s News Photographer

Seth Gitner, the Multimedia Editor for The Roanoke Times in Virginia, and a columnist for NPPA’s News Photographer Magazine, has just published an article about b-roll.net.

The column delves into the future of our craft, as we, both video and print photographers, migrate to the web. It’s not just what we produce, but how we interact with our fellow visual craftsmen.

I’m not sure if I can publish the article on our site, and NPPA does not put their magazine articles online, so the only way to read it is to find the magazine. We hope posting articles online is something that comes with the revamping of the NPPA website mentioned in the article.

In the meantime, here’s a shot of the cover and the column.

Thanks to Seth for talking up b-roll.net – and to John “Lensmith” DuMontelle for representing all the b-rollers out there.

Be sure to check out Seth’s other work at: http://sethgitner.com

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  1. Lenslinger says:

    Cooooooool! Can’t wait to read it…

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