New Server for

July 16, 2013 forum topics, lead
Hello, my FRIENDS!

It’s been so long since I posted on this site – I feel like I should re-introduce myself.

Lately, our trusty server is getting a bit sluggish. The forum and site have been painfully slow. I finally took the plunge, pulled out the credit card and upgraded to a new server. More horsepower, more speed, and hopefully more reliability. We should be online with our new "faster" in the next week or so…

Please excuse any hiccups with connections in the next few days – but I think we’ll all be happier when the change is complete.

One sad news – it has finally become time to retire TV. This little script did great work through 3 years of AWARDS, but unfortunately it is buggy and prone to hacker attacks.

In the time since TV began, YouTube and Vimeo have improved significantly, so I’d recommend posting video there for future sharing.

We will not be migrating TV over to the new server – so please check any links you use for embedded clips.

Once we have performance back – I hope we can get up to an active state again. And maybe I’ll even post more than once a year…

Thanks to everyone…