Dressing up for Easter Sunday

doug_dupontDoug DuPont (and Al Mingalone who was sitting below Doug’s sticks in this photo) of Paramount News had to work on the Easter Sunday of March 28, 1948 covering the traditional post-service parade down 5th Avenue. In recognition of the holiday, Doug decided to dress up a bit more than the usual sports jacket, fedora and collared shirts that was the then uniform of the news photog.

Dupont’s choice of dress seems to have attracted quite a bit of attention that day. In addition to this slide shot by a bystander in the crowd, I have seen both AP and UPI photos of Doug in full morning dress behind his camera. The rest of the newsreelers who would have been in that crowd…not a single frame to be found.

Doug also as a historical sidebar was the “eyes” of Paramount News. He was the photog seen panning his camera in the credits of the old Paramount newsreels. As for his career after the newsreels, a letter by one of his colleagues mentions in passing that he switched to TV news.