Jean-Noël’s date with destiny

In early 1912, Pathé Weekly newsreel cameraman Jean-Noël Malachard was reassigned from Paris to Canada to run the Canadian branch of the still rather newish newsreel as well as first to head for New York to film the arrival of the passenger liner S. S. France. En-route to his new position, the twenty-six year old news cameraman boarded a passenger liner bound for New York at Cherbourg, France, on April 10th, 1912.

Malachard would never make it to New York for that passenger liner he boarded in France was the RMS Titanic.

His obituary was published in the April 20th 1912 issue of the French film magazine Cine Journal with his surname misspelled as Malachart.

In English:

“The tearful mother and the friends of Mr. Malachart, one of the valiant cameramen of Pathé Frères, are going through some agonizing moments, for Malachart was one of the passengers on the Titanic. Our friend was on his way to Canada to run a branch of the company, but did he manage to survive? We ardently wish for this, but without any real hope. Malachart was 26 years old, he came from Lyon and was a film enthusiast from an early age. His name is associated with many travel films which were especially well-made. Let us hope he has not become a victim of his great profession.”

A photo of Jean-Noël Malachard can be seen at Encyclopedia Titanica and his centograph in Regnie-Durette, France at this link.