The (Simulated) Force

The Force isn’t something you mess around with. It requires great training and discipline, for with great power comes great responsibility.

That’s why Modesto PD brought their Force Options Simulator to town. Time to train some officers in the ways of the Force!

This big rig video game allows officers to play through a variety of scenarios while equipped with a gun, a tazer and pepper spray. Perched in the back of the truck is a mysterious puppet master, who watches and listens to the officer’s performance and, with a stroke of the key, can change the situation from calm to hairy.

I was invited to give this training program a little go-round today. Fortunately, I’ve been training for this day since my early childhood days of playing Hogan’s Alley on Nintendo.

So I climbed into this virtual reality trailer and faced off with… an intoxicated homeless woman wielding a pipe. And damnit, I wasn’t about to back down! I AM THE LAW!

So yeah, suppose I’m not Force material. But hey, that lady won’t be stealing my cans anytime soon! Case closed.