When coffee costs a Tuppence

June 19, 2009 photog blogs
ABC User Submitted Photo. Stephen Shaw

It’s not infrequent to return to a story. It happens often in both politics and court stories. Updates happen, circumstances change, and events unfold. It’s this last one, events unfolding, which triggered the media’s recent revisit of a crime scene.
In late march I blogged about Desmond Moran who had been shot at whilst returning home late at night. The offender had fired a single shot through the front windscreen. Desmond, as it turned out was in the passenger seat, and his driver escaped injury. When media arrived to cover the event, Desmond emerged from the security of his home and held court with the waiting reporters and camera crews.
This week, Desmond Moran was shot dead. Moran, 60, was shot several times in the head in an apparent execution-style killing. His body still lay in the doorway of the Ascot Pasta and Deli Cafe several hours after the shooting.
In a Bizarre twist, gangland matriarch Judy Moran, sister in law to Desmond, is one of three people who have been arrested over the shooting death of Desmond “Tuppence” Moran.
Desmond ‘Tuppence’ Moran was the last man of his family alive. Melbourne’s bloody gang wars claimed his brother Lewis, nephew Jason and Jason’s half-brother Mark Cole Moran.
And who thought that so soon we would all be revisiting this story, only with a much different outcome.