There is an old saying that originated in Asia that states “May you live in interesting times.” Some say this is a curse, others a blessing. All I know is these are indeed interesting times for Conventional Television through out North America.

It is no secret within the industry that under the status quo Canadian regulations, conventional local broadcasting is on the endangered list. The legislated obligations (local news and programing) cost money and with the current economic ciaos, the business model which the Private Canadian Television Industry is based, (advertising and sponsors) is not working. This trend of diminishing revenue though advertising and sponsors has been going on for several years, but is being accelerated because of the current recession.

If one could “snap” ones fingers and return back to more favorable economic times, the bleeding to Local Conventional Broadcasters would not stop.
So what is the answer?
Government bail outs?
No- that is not the answer.

I want to invite you all to follow this link and learn more about how to SAVE LOCAL TELEVISION.

I would also encourage each of you who read this blog, no matter where you are in Canada, to attend an Open House with your local CTV Station or your local “A” Station. The dates and times of the Open House are found on the web link that is provided.

Tell them Murman sent you.

Thank you.