Sunset in BahrainLayover in AmsterdamMosque in Bahrain


Welcome to my resume and demo reel.

My job as a television news photographer has taken me around the world. I've shot news in Cuba, Bosnia, Italy, Israel, Spain, Germany and the Persian Gulf. At the same time, I've covered the small but important people stories back home. All of these experiences have been great. I've learned a lot and met many incredible people along the way.

In addition to my full time job as a Television News Photographer, I develop and operate, the Television News Photography website. has become an international forum for TV photographers to share their thoughts and ideas about our industry.

Enclosed you'll find my resume and video clips of some my work. The video files are MPEG-1 and should play on any machine. If you have any problems viewing the stories click on the "?" for help or call me at (202) 486-8842.

Thank you for your interest in my work. I hope you enjoy these stories as much as I enjoyed producing them.


kevin johnson

Navy Helo off the USS WaspShoreline of CubaTask Force Eagle, Tuzla, Bosnia
USS Norfolk off Haifa, IsraelColiseum in Rome