Whooping Cough


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I've been posting here a bunch lately but I have a question. I work 2-11pm and do 2 pkgs a day. One for 5:30 and one for 10:30. Its not a problem getting them on air or anything like that. But we have A LOT of stories that we are just told to get MOS for with very generic video. Any thoughts on how to make these stand out a bit? I know it would be great to get an awesome character for a story but it doesn't always happen. I try different locations (to make video a little more interesting) other that just people literally walking up and down a block.

99% of my stories are daily turns in under 4 hours (drive time, shoot, reporter writing, editing then air). This one is from last night we started shooting at 7pm, 30 min drive back and it aired at 10:30. Thanks as always for the advice, just trying to make these look better and stand out among the rest.


Necktie Boy

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I used to be a night side shooter. 4 live shots a night. A package and a bunch of SOT and b-roll. All you can do is to come back with good footage a good interviews. Some nights I had to work with the entertainment reporter and shoot his package that aired the next day. I was one of the few that was allowed to work OT.

Latin Lens

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Nice job...loved the angle you took and the nat sound implementation was great. Pretty solid all the way thru...BUT...this wouldn't be a critique if there wasn't a little something wrong with it. And maybe this will help you answer a few questions you have about jazzing up some of your stories. Again...loved the begining, nice way to get into the meat of the piece...however where it goes slightly awry is when you get into the actual whooping cough stuff and we're seeing the bikers...this is where you can use some file video or shoot generic kids playing...and using some of the video effects to help distinguish and seperate the issues...put a vinette on it, blur it, mosiac it with a cool/light mosiac, color change it...anything to help seperate it but yet it give a relative feel to it. Once you got the ones you want to use or establish your own "look" to file/generic video...your stories will begin to stand out just a bit more because you're adding another look to it. Hope that's helpful. Nice work.