Very cool chase, a Crown Vic almost airborne.


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I hope they keep this link up for a while, it's from a chase on Monday. The Des Moines PD tried a PIT on a guy who was running from them and it all went wrong right in front of us.
You'll hear a cell phone playing as the desk calls to tell us the chase is headed our if we hadn't figured that out yet.
The guy was caught when his car quit then caught fire a couple miles away. Raw Footage: Police Chase&vt1=v&at1=News&d1=63233&LaunchPageAdTag=Homepage&activePane=info&playerVersion=9&hostPageUrl=

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"... narrowly avoided becoming part of the news during a police chase in Des Moines."

Yeah, you mean after the chase passed them and they crossed into the path of a law enforcement cruiser on the way to aid the chase after the other cruiser wrecked in front of them?

Have some common sense. There was no "avoidance" there. They practically put themselves in the way. If I were that driver, my ass would be in the furthest lane away from that cluster. Notice how everyone else in front of this vehicle had the common sense to get the hell out of the way?

They're extremely lucky.


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The reporter/driver was comfortable making that turn but he's less comfortable with management seeing him bounce over the median.
It did take a while for the next cruiser to pass us. He might have slowed to make sure the officer who crashed by us was ok.

I'm not going to second guess him at this point. We have talked to the police since then and they had no problem with what we did. They were happy to have video (we gave them the story that aired) to use as a training tool.

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I did notice as the news car went past the stopped cop, the cop waved his hand to say he was OK.

I would have also been in the other lane as it was happening as well. Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.


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love the video, nothing like a chase...

but why was the song "when the saints come marching in" playing in the background? ringtone? radio? thought that was funny, good theme music.

we had a nice one last month. guy gave up right in front of our camera and got his head SLAMMED on the concrete.

here's the video...

on the right, click on the search tab. search for "chase". it'll be halfway down the results. dated 2006-08-26 and titled "police chase crosses state lines". guy covered over 100 miles before giving up.
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woodsie, that was a cell phone. The desk telling us the chase was headed our way.
It was the reporter saying sh-t by the way.

I couldn't get yours to play, probably me being a little inept. Looks like you have a lot of chases there. As you know they usually don't last long here.
"Oh when the saints...!"

My absolute favorite part of the video was the cell phone ringing! That music was priceless... and perfectly timed, almost as if planned. It seems the only time the desk can do something right... is when by mistake!