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So I shot this great interview of a former Basketball player from Syracuse. It's about 90 mins long.

Now I have to transcribe it and it will take me way too long to do it manually.

I know there are services that will do it for a fee, but I can't really spend that type of money.

I know Premier has something in the Metadata functions that will transcribe, but I don't think it works all that well and once I lay it to a timeline, I'll lose my original time code.

Is there any software that will transcribe video with time code?? Or do I just need to sit down for the next week or so hand hammer it out.



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Yup, Premiere's isn't that great.

If the interview is that important, spend the money. In the end, it will you three times as long and be 75% correct while a service would do a better job and be 100% correct. I don't think the cost is that much.

On your end, you have to send a MP3 with TC.
which you should be able to simply export from the video file.

Which begs a question to others on here, who is still doing transcription MP3 I have the recorder in my bag but only run into a producer that needs/wants it perhaps 3 times a year. Others have told me that they are exporting from the clip or using the actual source media to log.


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I agree with getting it done the right way, whether you spend the time or get a service to do it better and faster. Pay now or pay later to fix it. When I checked years ago about in-house logging rates, it was about $100 / hour. That could have changed by now.

Out of curiosity, how much does an external logging / transcription service typically cost?
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Pay the pro is the best route.

I have Dragon Naturally Speaking and do my own...but since the program only recognized one voice, I listen and simultaneously record into the program my voice repeating everything.

About 95% and better accuracy but still a pain to have to do it. I do end up knowing my material a lot better though.


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Another producer in our office took it home and spent last night transcribing it.
He said it wasn't to bad once he got into a rhythm.

Thanks again..



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Not sure why it would take a week to transcribe a 90 minute interview. News reporters do it daily and some of those interviews are 30 minutes and they log and write the story in about an hour and a half. You should be able to do it in half a day.


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Most reporters don't transcribe entire interviews...they listen and take notes on the segments they think they'll use. Quick and dirty.

For a 90 minute interview and using Dragon it would take me about two hours.


Exactly Cyndy.
Some consider "transcribing" to be each and every a legal document...and others...a general road map to find the key bites they want quick and dirty for a news deadline.


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Just to Clarify

I don't type, hunt and peck method is fast for how I type, that's why I said it would take a week.

Thanks again for the help, we are looking at Dragon and typing classes.

All the best.