Time for an upgrade :(


My trusty ole Sony DSR-200 is no longer cutting it for stringing. All of the stations want 16:9 and preferably HD.

What suggestions do you have? I am more than happy to buy something USED.

It must...

Shoot 16:9
Be shoulder mountable and of professional caliber
Complete with lens, mic, and viewfinder
Great for ENG, and be able to take a beating.

under $1200

HD preferred, but not necessary.

any ideas?

Necktie Boy

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I did bite the bullet and got a great deal on an used DSR-500WS with a Fuji 20x lens. The camera only had 500 hours of use. All my accessories carry over from my DSR-300. The only item that I had to get was a 16:9 monitor. Only Sony made a field monitor that was a CRT and was able to switch to 16:9. Even got a good deal on that. Sony PVM-8045Q



Wow... crazy stuff. Glad the guy is OK - he's lucky he was on soft grass instead of hard pavement, or else the story would not have ended so happily...

Gotta give the shooter props for sticking with the action as the unthinkable happened - not everyone would do that, especially an untrained amateur.