Teradek Cube?


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First I've heard about it but if it does what it says it seems pretty interesting. What are most people using to get video over ip back into the stations video switcher? Just a scan converter?

zac love

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Sounds really fishy to me, or the greatest thing in DSLR world.

First & foremost, no DSLR can output full raster HD video while recording, so it would be impossible to transmit HD video from something that isn't giving you HD video. If they found a way around the whole impossible to output live HD, then they should tell a few people, because there are countless people dying to hook up a Nano Flash to their 5D.

Maybe 4G is going to be all that people say it is, but I know how long it takes just to load a web page on my iPhone. And I know how long it takes to FTP video over the internet. Most WIFI doesn't compare to most hard wired network connections. So since the only time I've gotten close to real time FTP / video TRT speeds is when I've had a dedicated line at the DNC / RNC, I doubt that 4G can come close to handling HD video. Unless you're really compressing the crap out of the signal, which would take some clever hardware. Not impossible, but it would take some serious hardware to not have horrible Long GOP artifacts all over the place.

I think there has already been discussions about the death of Microwave vans. I really think public wireless data connections can be a limited possibility on slow news days, but go to a big sporting event which starts dropping regular phone calls & your live shot is dead.

Having a dedicated path (ie you don't share it with anybody), via microwave, a bird in the sky, or over cell towers, is really the only way to go if you want to know you can go live.

I'm also distrustful of a video for ENG when someone is using a DSLR rig. How many stations are really shooting ENG w/ DSLRs? Features / promos, I buy that, but not your typical run-n-gun. But that is me & the more I see a sales pitch, the more I distrust the salesmen.

If the product is as good as you say it is, you don't have to sell it, you just have to explain what it does. Heck, even the guy doing in the interview looked bored & skeptical. That ain't a good sign.

Still, if it can do all that they say it can, could be a nifty tool. In the mean time, the iPhone 4 is smaller, has editing software built in & is already proven for when you NEED to go live & don't care about picture / audio quality.

Necktie Boy

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Hi Allen,

I went to their site...I also found that Bloom reviewed it.

There is a SDI version. So, if your camera has a SDI out, it would work with it.

It doesn't output an usable broadcast signal. It's good enough to monitor, but not good signal to record.