tattoos on photogs


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Just wondering how many of you have tattoos? Ive got three on my back so they are easy to cover obviously. I was thing of getting a small one on my finger under my wedding band so that would be covered too. Anyone have any expirences positive or negative in our work environment by having tattoos.

Or Chiefs would you not get hired because of them?


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I would hope we've gotten to a point in this world where tasteful tattoos wouldn't be an issue.

I sort of think about it like a business dress code.

And FYI, I have no ink on me...

Latin Lens

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Okay...I actually have one sleeve and I am currently working on my second arm sleeve (both full-length). Contrary to what my mom said I have been able to get jobs and many job offers dispite having tattoos. Every station I have worked for does not have a problem but my tattoos I feel fall under the very cool, tasteful variety. I have been requested that when major corp people are in town to maybe cover them up with a long-sleeve shirt but that's a request they can make at anytime. In fact its standard protocol in a HR manual...but its how strictly enforced is it. Nothing but positive experiences with me.


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Mine are easily covered, but for corporate gigs, I usually wear a Polo shirt, and you can still see some of my tats. No complaints. As long as I dress professionally and have a business attitude, no one seems to care.


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I have a huge passion for classic VW bugs and restore them on my off time. I have one tattoo on my calf and it's a VW logo. I have not had my station make any comments to me about it on the hot days where we are allowed to wear shorts.


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I've got a medium sized tattoo that goes half way down to my elbow on my left arm. When I go for a job interview I try to wear sleeves that are long enough so that it's not distracting. I've never had any negative feedback about it from any of the 5 stations that I have worked at. I've had people that are curious about it and ask to see it but that's about it. I think that as long as they are not offensive people are a lot more acceptable of them now than in years past.


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I think Tats are great I have one but it's covered by my short sleeve shirt. Professionally I have know people not get jobs because they have too many tats. Just depends on where you are going to work.
When you shoot stories with the movers,shakers and big money earners how many tattooes do you see? How many do you see at tractor pulls and swap meets? No one looks at a tattoo and tells the person what they're really thinking, they just say something like "that's nice" or "that's cool". No reason to kick someone when they're already down. Btw, it's also not a great idea to shave your hair into a mowhawk or wear a swastika necklace, just saying.
I do have tattoo at my heart part chest. Its a small bar code with my birthdate on it. Its not a hindrance with regards to my job, as long as I do good on my work.

Frank McBride

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If I was hiring a photog I probably wouldn't worry about it if it wasn't extreme. It could factor in as part of my overall evaluation of the candidate. Certainly if the tattoo is rebellious or anarchist, that would be cause for concern. If somebody seemed to have an undesirable attitude or work ethic and also had tattoos, that might tip the scale to the negative.

The reality is I know many photogs with visible tattoos and they do fine.

Since we're being honest here, almost all tattoos put me off. Like filter4preset said, I keep my thoughts to myself, but they cause an initial negative impression.

I have one on each calf that can be seen when its shorts weather. Family crests, they are tastefull and quite well done if I do say so myself. It hasnt been a problem for the most part. The last 2 stations I worked for, management actually thought they were pretty bad ass and never thought anything of it. This year, new station, new management it was a slight issue for a day. The ND didnt really like them, but then it was quickly forgotten about pretty much in the same day since I keep a pair of pants on me at all times so I can and will change if the situation requires.