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There was a recent post comparing the Sony PD-150 with the Panasonic DVX100. One poster mentioned the prevalence use of the PD-150 in the industry. My question is, should the Sony trademark and reputation be considered a criteria for choosing the 150 over the 100. In other words is a shooter going to have more credability with clients if he has a Sony camera over a Panasonic.
Though the video world has changed a lot in the past few years, I know that "only Sony" mentality still exists in the industry.

Any thoughts?


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Try buying anything in the camera stabilizing rig department that doesn’t have Steadi Cam in it. I bought an Action Cam. It’s Swiss, got a completely different arm set up to Steadi Cam that means it’s lighter, more versatile and quicker to set up. Because it is Action Cam and not Steadi Cam it cost a third of the price and damn it, I like its movement better than Steadi Cam.
BUT the amount of work I lose because it isn’t Steadi Cam (and I made the mistake of setting the rate lower than Steadi Cam because it cost me less to buy) nobody, except those who have actually seen the results, will book it without a LOT of convincing, which is time I can’t afford to waste.


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I think cameragods point is a good one - along the lines of 'no one ever got fired for buying IBM'.. I think with the little cameras the Panasonic 100 is not going to be in the same situation as the camera support rigs - mainly because most people who are in the know (ie willing/want to use a miniDV) know all about the Panasonic. The Panasonic has also generated a lot of good 'buzz' because of it's 24p capability.

You may find folks want to use the 100 over the 150 for this very reason.

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