Sony FS7 and PMW200/300


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I have all PL mount lenses, since I didn't have any still glass to begin with. .
I also mostly use PL lenses with my FS7 and F55. The mechanical and ergonomic performance of a PL lens is almost always better than an equivalent SLR lens even if the optical qualities are similar.

I have a couple of SLR macro lenses I use with the FS7 for closeup shooting; and a Canon 200-400 f/4 w/1.4 tele-converter that I use with the F55 for wildlife; but everything else is PL. I only use those couple of SLR lenses because those specialty lenses aren't really available in PL mounts.

These three lenses are my workhorse lenses and account for 99% of my shooting:

15.5-45mm Zeiss LWZ f/2.6 PL
50-150mm RED f/2.8 PL
200-400mm Canon f/4 with built-in 1.4x extender

But I also own:

35mm Sony f/2.0 PL
50mm Sony f/2.0 PL
85mm Sony f/2.0 PL

25mm Schneider Cine-Xenar f/2.0 PL
35mm Schneider Cine-Xenar f/2.0 PL
50mm Schneider Cine-Xenar f/2.0 PL
75mm Schneider Cine-Xenar f/2.0 PL
95mm Schneider Cine-Xenar f/2.0 PL

11-16mm Duclos f/2.8 PL
300mm RED f/2.9 PL

17-35mm Nikon f/2.8
35-70mm Nikon f/2.8
80-200mm Nikon f/2.8
300mm Nikon f/4

55mm Konica macro f/1.8
28mm Konica f/1.8

18-105mm Sony f/4 e-mount
20mm Sony f/4 e-mount

I have more lenses than I need, but why sell them? They will hold their value and I can sell them anytime I want down the line for about the same as what I could get for them today. It is like an investment that can be liquidated anytime. That's my way of looking at it.


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And I am just the opposite. I never rent out my gear, and I never rent anything from a rental house or a fellow shooter. If I don't have the right gear, and can't sell the client on the camera I have, I'm content to skip the shoot entirely. Friends can borrow my stuff if they need it, but that's as far as it goes. I won't even rent a battery to someone who is not a close colleague. I don't want people's grubby hands all over my stuff!
That used to be me, too. I didn't rent my cameras out to anyone and there were only two people who I would let use my gear. Then as I accrued more cameras and gear and one of my trusted few begin needing a camera and gear to do some shoots and I started providing multiple crews to clients I started to come around to the idea or renting my gear out. After I bought a C300 and calls started to come in from people wanting to rent it I decided it could be another revenue stream to help supplement some of the business that went away with the "changing of the guard", so to speak. Now I'm not a rental house, but I've had a pretty good year for rentals. I look at it as gravy. I also think part of it is the gear, now. In the past, I only had one camera, cameras were very expensive and I was very attached to my gear. Now, I have five cameras and the C300 was "cheap". I also bought my F55 used and don't really feel an "attachment" to it, either. A lot of the rentals are re-occurring from some of the same few people/companies which helps. And I've never had any issues with out-of-town production companies(or in-town, as well) providing a certificate of insurance when I've requested it, either. And if I have a bad feeling, I don't rent it.