So there were a lot of bikers...


You kind of died off at the end. No real closing shot that signatured the piece.

I also wanted to see more faces. Too many shots of the backs of people or wide shots. More faces equals more emotion to me. You only had one face shot of b-roll. The only other faces where interviews.

You had a nice moment with a pin being given to someone...but never explained the significance.

I'm not saying this was bad work. It just needed to be complete. A good beginning, though kind of predictable, led to filler that just ran out of gas.

Run 'n' Get 'em

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Thanks for the tips... Actually, for the close, the reporter wanted a "touchy feely" type shot and mentioned that one specifically...she hardly ever asks for stuff specifically, so when she does I like to accomodate...

Rewatching it though, I didn't even realize that I hadn't put that many faces in there...