smoking kills

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I'm in the middle of an interview in one ear I have my I.F.B in the other I had earpiece which is connected to my scanner, I soon heard tones so I hit the manual botton to hold the freq. it came out as a car fire, and at first I cared very little car fires are nothing unusual. Once, again tones came over the air and this time it was followed by people in vehicle.
I gracefully apologized to our interviewee and took my reporter I called to the station to get their stats sadly I was the only one on the ball. When I got there two people were on gernies, and a early model MR2 was in flames. I spray the area and look for possible sot's I found one an ex-marine in complete shock I kept the questions short, didn't want to make the situation any worse.
Later thay week we got the cause of the accident apperently the passenger was carrying a gas anister and smoking meth, the car filled itself with fumes and when they turned on the mini torch the car exploded.


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Meth is a problem here in Wichita Falls Texas.

My story starts off exactly the same as CHIEFPHOTDOG1's
Originally posted by CHIEFPHOTDOG1:
I'm in the middle of an interview in one ear I have my I.F.B in the other I had earpiece which is connected to my scanner, I soon heard tones so I hit the manual button to hold the freq. it came out as a car fire,
P.D dispatch : "We need you to go to the hospital.
A subject was dropped off in the front parking lot, with 2nd and 3rd degree burns over 70 percent of his body."
Me : "I am going to guess it's a methlab gone wrong."
Note-(Because I am monitoring police traffic through my IFB. No one in the room knew what I was talking about.)
P.D dispatch : "Be advised the hospital thinks he might have been cooking meth."
Me : "I knew it!"

What had happened :
This Father and Son had been cooking meth in a storage shed beside their house.
The Son went out to see how his lab was doing.
While checking the lab he decided to have a smoke.
The noise caught the attention of his Dad.
He goes to the door to see his Son running around the front yard on fire.
Dad gets the water hose and runs after him.
The Dad calls his Sister (The Son’s Aunt) to come pick-up the boy and take him to hospital.
She does just that. Pull up to the front of the hospital and tosses him out of the car.
Meanwhile Dad has his priorities straight, He was trying to get rid of any evidence of the lab.
Anyways, To make a long story short: Everyone involved went to jail.

Kicker: Shortly after being released from jail the same guy (son) was found running down a street. On fire.


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I know that guy, Just. I went to high school with him. The ****** up part is that the dad got the son hooked on it, taught him how to cook it, then didn't even go to the hospital when the whole thing blew up in his son's face. The guy's an idiot, but still, when you know them it isn't quite as funny. Most people luck out and get parents that are not drug addicts. I couldn't believe that he went BACK to cooking after being burnt so badly. That **** is appropriately called Nazi meth, because it was invented by, and is itself, a demon.

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Reminds me of one which happened here a few years ago. This guy was actually a plumber...
The results were much much worse than those mentioned.

Early morning, lots of activity on the scanner, mentions of loud explosions, possible bomb lots of confusion.
What had actually happened was a plumber had climbed in to his van that morning and lit up a cigarette. What he had failed to notice was the smell of gas from his leaking Oxy-Acetylene set up.
I think they found enough of the guy to fill a thimble. The vehicle looked more like something you would expect to see in Baghdad these days after a suicide bomber had finished with it.
Amazingly no one else was killed.

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A friend once called me in the middle of the night to tell me of a car fire on an isolated road where stolen cars are frequently tourched. I hung up on him.

He called back and yelled, "OK! I won't tell you that there are two bodies in the trunk!"

I responded and it turned out that the two dead folks were part of the Charles Manson family. Went national.

Another example:

Within one week I covered TWO stories where people tried to kill themselves by sealing up the house and turning on the gas without a pilot light. In both cases the people got bored while laying in bed waiting to die and they lit up. Both houses were blown off the foundation and both idiots survived.
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