Seeking some feedback, please!

Latin Lens

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Hey FLotog....very nicely done. Its pretty hard to snazz up a voting story when you apparently don't have much action from actual voters. You have a good eye for shots....and it was an overall well put together piece...but you started to repeat at around you would obviously need to shoot more to avoid this....this piece could have moved better had there been shorter, quicker tracks....I felt lulls at times so nat breaks really help....I was expecting one and then didn't get it...its a nice B.


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Ok the live was a pointless walk to camera. Maybe if she had walked across to show us something move into frame??? just to make it a little less pointless.
Some nice close ups, well paced but the Susan Bucher iv is a bit too much in profile, the top light on her ear makes it worse.
After that I my eyes started glazing. Lots of blah blah and some nicely shot wallpaper... but is was still just wallpaper. P2C at the end was good, something different to engage our interest and then a nice shot to not distract from the info she was giving.
All in all it was a solid piece and you did a good job making an info heavy story look a little better.
Well done.

At the scene

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FLotog overall not a bad job. I like to watch the pkg's with no sound so I don't get distracted. CG is right that profile interview was, well in a word awful. Watch out for the repeated shots, I think I saw ballot 115 around 3 times in the piece and you repeated the receipt twice. Also continuity, this might be a little picky but you went from ballot 113 to 115 back to 114 then 115 again.

I think you had some great shots in there and you were not lazy. You moved around a lot and it showed. Keep up the good work.



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I agree with others...1. I'm sure you didn't think of it but I hate the pointless walk to the me something if your going to do that. Also the interview with the voting official was in a profile which is never good....other than they the NAT breaks plus the quickness of shots made the piece move even though it's a truely dull story. Did you run of time because the end seemed a little less polished than the begining but for the most part good work!


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Thank you!!!

Thanks to everyone for all the input!:)

As for the comments about the PKG starting to repeat and become redundant-I realized that when I was editing because it came to my attention that I under-shot and ran out of b-roll! I had no access to file in the Live Truck so I hit a huge wall trying to find video that was relevant to what she was referring to.

As for the SOT from the election's supervisor, that was taken from a Live Shot I rolled on. Shame on the reporter and I because from what I recall, my reporter suggested that we grab a better composed interview afterwards to which I totally agreed but evidently forgot!:eek:

Thanks At The Scene for that observation about the out-of-order ballots. I never even noticed it before.

Photoguy, you nailed it right on the head!

I did start cruntching towards the end when I, as mentioned, used up all my b-roll. It'd have to be wallpaper and no more Nat-pops from there on out. I struggled to salvage whatever remaining shots I could locate and barely managed to feed back in time.

Thanks again for all the advice! I will surely keep it in mind for next time.

Tom Servo

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"Arrows that represent the power of the people." That line stuck me as. . how to say. . . Cheesy as hell ;)

Anyway, for the stuff you're responsible for, I think everyone's already pointed out most of the stuff. I felt like there were too many tight shots in the beginning of the inside-the-town-hall part. They were great shots (I really liked the one from under the ballot as it slides in), but so many so close together without having some mediums and wides to give us a sense of perspective kind of made me feel claustrophobic after a bit. I wanted to see what surrounded this scrutinized ballot box.


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Ditto everyone else... plus this...

This is hypercritical, but something to think about in the future. When you used the xtreme tight of the work "Ready" when your reporter said "ready" wasn't in the right part of the frame.

The human eye is attracted to movement and light. The shot before it led to the upper middle left third of the frame and the red number changing was at the same spot... this is good, except you wanted me to see the word "ready" at the cut. I didn't see it until the end of the shot and she had already move on with her sentence (which I didn't hear because I saw the word "ready" and thought "oh, I get it." But then I missed your next point.)

Eye movement is great when placed well, but It was off on this particular shot.

Yeah, like I said... hypercritical.

Like the others said, you repeated too many shots, I understand if you're proving a point, but if not, it's just pointless. Shoot everything three or four times if you are going to pace your stories like that. That way they don't peter out at the end.

Great job, I don't know if I would have given the story that much effort. Cheers!